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Typesof Student Housing

On-Campus & Off Campus Housing in Newark, DE

One of the most exciting moments for college students is the day they sign their first housing contract and move into their own place. When looking for the perfect living arrangement while in college, there are two primary options: on-campus housing and off campus housing. You could go with a traditional UD dorm to live in the center of all of the campus action. Or you can move off campus into one of Newark's many apartments, houses or condos for rent, where you'll have a bit more freedom and space. 

On-Campus Housing at UD

If the thought of being part of a close community and having your best friend living just a few doors away excites you, on-campus housing might be the perfect option for you. UD dorms feature eight different residence halls, including South Academy Street hall, which started housing students for the first time in Fall 2017. While on-campus housing might sound like it’s all you’ve ever dreamed of, it does come with some complications. For starters, there are strict rules when living on-campus about what you can put up in your room, which might harsh your style. Also, dorms at UD come with community washers and dryers, so it might take you hours to do your wash, especially if you’ve been procrastinating and have several loads to do.

Townhouses/ Condos Near UD

If apartments in Delaware just aren’t cutting it for you, a townhouse or condo near UD might be just the thing you need. A townhouse or condo often provides renters with more space, often for a better price and might even provide special features such as a garage or be pet-friendly. Living in a condo or townhouse does come with its own set of problems though. Often these types of housing arrangements make you pay to be part of a homeowner’s association, which often means paying a hefty fee for things like yard work and improvements to the structure of the building. Homeowner’s associations also often have strict rules about what you can do to you home, thin in turn might limit how you decorate or set up your room.

Off Campus Apartments in Newark

A shortage of UD Off Campus Housing is nearly unheard of. There are apartments that come in all varying sizes and prices. Some are pet-friendly, so your new golden retriever puppy, Buddy, can come along, while others don’t even allow birds. With the freedom to choose between all of these different options, UD students can often find it daunting to find the perfect place to call home. One major factor to consider when looking for the perfect off campus housing option is to find a place that has a short commute to class and a nice view.

Rental Homes In Newark

Renting a home might sound like the perfect option because it means you get features like a spacious kitchen and bigger bedrooms than you would get in an average apartment in Newark. However, renting a home also means that you have to deal with a landlord. Depending on your luck, you could get a fantastic landlord who fixes everything on time, or you could get stuck with someone who doesn’t fix the broken washing machine and leaves the grass in the yard nine inches before calling a lawn service.

Newark's Finest Luxury Apartments

While there are tons of options when it comes to where to live if you’re a student or professional in Delaware, most of these options come with major downfalls. The best UD off campus housing is easily The Retreat at Newark. Why stress over living in a small on-campus apartment with next to no amenities, when you could live in a luxury apartments in Newark, DE? The Retreat at Newark offers amazing amenities, such as a pool area, basketball courts, a clubroom, a tanning booth and so many more special features. If the thought of living close to UD’s campus, having access to a wide range of amenities and living in a spacious floor plan sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee), schedule your tour at The Retreat at Newark today.


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